I recently was playing with the Ionic Framework on my fancy new Mac Book Pro. I started the hello world project and was able to get the ios project up and running without much hassle, however, I wasn't able to get the android version to work.

Turns out I had to install the sdk and set my $ANDROID_HOME variables as well as add to my $PATH.

In addition, the android studio v1.0 is now released, and I thought the old way of unzipping the zip file was gone (Turns out if you scroll a bit you can still get it it).

Here's what I used to get it running:

export ANDROID_HOME=/Users/<username>/Library/Android/sdk export PATH=$PATH:$ANDROID_HOME/platform-tools:$ANDROID_HOME/tools

Here's a link to another post which gives a bit more detail, but didn't work (copy/paste) for me: Setting ANDROID_HOME Environmental Variable On Mac

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