Heptio 1 Year!

It's exciting that I've worked a full year at Heptio! This is my first startup experience and first ever acquisition experience with the plans to now work for VMware. It's been a busy, crazy, exciting, and fun journey where I've learned a ton from the community and my teammates. I've helped deliver a new open source project, extended another to have new cutting edge features, and helped out with pull requests to Kubernetes and other Heptio open source tools.

The next year

The following picture is from my interview morning in Seattle. I was up early (east coast time) and was nervous so my stress relief was coding up something while I waited to pass the time.

I'm excited and curious as to what comes in the next year; the new people I'll meet, the old friends, the problems to solve, as well as watching how Heptio continues to grow!

Seattle Starbucks

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